Want To Raise More Money Than Ever Before?

Are you a nonprofit professional with no development experience, but somehow have found yourself with the job of raising money? Maybe you are a development director, but you are constantly at a loss as to how to get to your annual fundraising goal. No matter your background in fundraising, this course is for you!


Raise More With Less will take you through the step-by-step process of winning in fundraising.


Think you need more donors to raise more money? Think again. Chances are you have all the supporters you need right now to raise more money than you ever have before. You just need a plan to make that happen. 


Not only will you learn exactly how to do it, but each step of the way we will be taking a dive into scripture so you can see the 4 steps to Biblical Fundraising and how they work! 

Hi, I'm Haley Limo

I am excited for you to join me here with Raise More with Less. I am overjoyed to finally have this course available to you! Growing up with a heart for missions, I know the need for quality fundraising support.

After working for over a decade in nonprofits and raising millions of dollars, I formed Least of These Philanthropy out of a desire to bring productive and profitable faith-based fundraising support to those who need it most.

Raise More with Less is a culmination of what I have learned over the past decade, and I am exited to pass this knowledge onto you so you can truly be successful in your fundraising efforts!

Hi, I'm Haley Limo

Raise More With Less

Introducing Raise More with Less, an online fundraising course geared to teach you how to raise more money than you ever have before, all with basic Biblical principles. 


This course is specifically for anyone responsible for raising funds for your nonprofit. After taking this course you will understand exactly how to set up your development shop and use basic steps to grow relationships with your supporters and ask them for major gifts – and get them!


This course is different in that I will teach you how to raise more money, not by expanding your supporter base, but by growing the gifts from supporters already in your database.

You will not only learn how to set up a development shop, build an annual fundraising plan, and build relationships with your key supporters, but I will provide you with time-tested templates to make the process simple and easy. 


Start Raising More Today

After spending a decade in fundraising, I have found what works. Let me share my knowledge with you so you can start raising more than you ever have - tomorrow


My course will walk you through exactly how to get started and what to do. Not only will you have access to the course knowledge and templates that I personally use to succeed in fundraising, but I will walk with you every step of the way. Each course comes with a personal coaching session to answer any questions you might have.

Savannah Richards, Board President

Utilizing Haley’s intelligence and practices with LOT Philanthropy was such a blessing for our organization! Her ability to provide personal touches with donors was always heartfelt and genuine, resulting in amazing ongoing relationships and connections. We were so lucky to have her on our team and set the platform for how we fundraiser and thank our donors.

Angela Castano, Director of Development

As a fresh college graduate, adjusting to the post-grad lifestyle requires a trustworthy, knowledgeable, and patient mentor. I am so thankful for Haley teaching me everything I must know and guiding me towards a successful development position. LOT Philanthropy properly equips organizations to reach successful fundraising plans each year by prioritizing strong donor relations and in the process, reminding ourselves the importance of our job in the pro-life movement.  

Alisa Jones, Honornet Missions

LOT Philanthropy has excellent programs to lay the foundation for a successful fundraising strategy for your nonprofit. I would recommend LOT Philanthropy to any and all companies that want to create and maintain a great and lasting relationship with all of their donors!

Money Back Guarantee

If after completing all of the modules and homework, you feel that this course did not help you raise more money, we will refund you, no questions asked.